Organic Foods

We carry a variety of seasonally available fruits and vegetables. All of them are 100% organic. We do sometimes have local produce but other items or brought from as close as possible according to where it is in season.

Check out some our most popular products we offer below! 

Gluten Free Foods

One of the main reasons is “Celiac Disease”.  What is this disease, you may ask.  It is actually a very simple yet very detrimental and painful disease.   “Celiac Disease” is a digestive tract disease.  A person with this disease is “allergic” to the protein clusters found in some grains including wheat, rye, and barley.

Health and Beauty Products

At Yvonne’s Natural Market you can find many brands of natural and organic health and beauty supplies. Our top selling lines of hair and skin care is Acure and Gabriels Naturals, though we offer many different options.

Vitamin Club

Yvonne’s Natural Market carries only the top quality vitamins, minerals and supplements.  Our desire, experience and training have brought us to the point of teaching and helping people understand that quality does make a big difference in your health. Our 100 % whole food vitamins and minerals are in a class by themselves as well as our food-based supplements being well tested and proven to be of highest quality. 

Yvonne’s Natural Market is committed to providing healthy food choices to the residence of Macon, GA.  We carry a full line of grocery items that are organic and all natural.  We carry things that are preservative free and do not contain dyes.   We also do not carry products containing MSG or other harsh chemicals.  

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