Growing Business 

With a growing business, we soon had to add our daughter, Anna, (Keith’s wife) to our workforce.  Anna helps in all areas where needed while her husband, Keith trades off watching their three children.  Anna has worked in the health food industry since she was 10 years old.  When Yvonne started at a local health food store, so did Anna as a homeschooler.  She took in all the training sessions and made it possible to have another hand for all phases of the business.  She, too, is able to help you with your nutritional needs and assistance. 

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Honest Commitment 

Yvonne Mourfield, owner, has much experience in the natural health industry having worked and managed a small health food store for 11 years.  The family came into the natural medicines after Alan, Yvonne’s husband, was very ill and had exhausted the medical field’s expertise.  In desperation, Yvonne sought something to help her husband.  Going to a local health food store and meeting then Nutritionist, Jim Denney, the Lord began Alan’s healing.  It was a long, slow road back to health that afforded a lifestyle of activity.  However, we learned that all the years of poor food and poor healthcare would not be fixed overnight. Yvonne studied and read much to find out about the right foods to eat and the quality, whole food supplements that would best nourish her family to better health.  The study never ends as our bodies are attacked from daily toxins that we as a nation have allowed to be our everyday lifestyle.  Yvonne found that most people she served were suffering from a lifestyle of toxins and lack of nutrients.  Educating people has now become a ministry.  Being fair and honest with people is her goal.  Yvonne is certified in Homeopathy, Nutritional Science, and has extensive background in seeing what works and what doesn’t and reasoning out why this is so for each person.   ​

Honest Communication

Matt Mourfield, Alan and Yvonne’s son, came back to Macon in 2008 to help his parents at a local health food store.  God soon led them to follow His lead in opening a large food, supplement, and health & beauty store with an idea of helping folks stay in Macon to shop rather than going to Whole Foods in Atlanta. Matt was Deli Manager for several years at Wild Oats in Lexington, Kentucky. Leaving there to be an Assistant Manager and then opening a new store as Manager for Starbucks Coffee Company, Matt has a wealth of ideas and experience in the field.  As a child who could not tolerate any chemicals and had a severe reaction to immunizations resulting in surgery, Matt had a natural liking to our family’s new lifestyle.  With his own experiences and much study and training in the industry, he adds great expertise and knowledge in health and management. 

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Customer Service

Yvonne’s Natural Market is a family owned and operated store located in The Prado at 4123 Forsyth Road in Macon, Georgia.  This beautiful setting affords shoppers with a variety of shops at a convenient and accessible location. Alan Mourfield has been the recipient of God’s graciously giving him a second chance to serve and live as He intended.  Alan has read extensively, gleaned from life’s experience and other’s experiences and enjoys meeting people and helping them.  He has a love for God and greatly enjoys helping people and, I might add, making them laugh.  Homeopath, Jim Denney, likes to quote God’s Word, “A Merry Heart doeth Good like a Medicine.” Alan lives this out. He has a certification in Homeopathy and a business degree, with a mother who was in accounting.  This makes a great combination for receiving product, keeping your prices low and keeping all our systems up and running.   Soon after opening we needed additional help from our son-in-law, Keith Zurita.  After moving his family back to Macon from Tennessee, he became a valuable asset in our smoothie, juice, sandwich and salad bar. His experience as a cook, firefighter, EMT and in lawn service has been invaluable to us in areas of maintenance and as assistant to Alan in the computer and administrative areas, as well as, in the smoothie bar and customer service.


Yvonne’s Natural Market is committed to helping out people with Celiac Disease and other gluten intolerance cases with our large selection of Gluten Free products.  We have a full line of Gluten free products ranging from breads to pastas to baking mixes. We are constantly evaluating the tastes of our gluten free products and are always trying to stock new products as they become available.  We have also flagged all gluten free products with an orange sticker including the vitamins and health and beauty products as well.