At Yvonne’s, we believe that snacking can in no way replace a good quality meal, but in those times that the cookie monster steps in and demands attention or you just get that craving that you just cannot ignore, we are there for you.  We carry snack foods that are preservative free and chemical free.  We don’t want your snacking to get the best of you in those moments of weakness.  We have a wide range of cookies that fall into several categories for all types of needs such as sugar free, gluten free and Vegan.  We also can cover those salty cravings that come with our wide selection of chips.  We have chips that are high in fiber. We have ones that are Baked, popped, and kettle cooked. We have chips that are cooked in quality oils instead of cheap refined oils.  We carry many types of bars that are made with real fruit and some that are high in proteins and fiber as well. 

Frozen Section

In our frozen section we have several kinds of fish that are sustainably harvested as well as caught in clean ocean waters. This has the benefits of giving yourself omega 3’s without eating mercury, peroxide and other toxins found in a lot of fish that is caught around the U.S. A lot of the fish is caught around Alaska and other parts of ocean up close to the Arctic. All currents run away from the arctic so there is minimal to no chance of toxins drifting there from the rest of the oceans. We carry Salmon filets that are plain and just right to be able to tailor for your seasoning and cooking style. We also have salmon burgers, and Tuna steaks, salmon steaks. We stock breaded Pollock and cod fillets and sticks.

Meat Products 

In our meat section, we carry only antibiotic free, hormone free, nitrate free, and nitrite free meats. This is important because the broad spectrum of antibiotics used in meats weaken our immune systems. We are now also carrying local grassfed beef, pork, and lamb in several cuts provided by a local and family owned and operated company. Also, hormones are causing children to develop must faster than nature intended. Nitrates and nitrites are also toxins which appear in the cooking process of pre-cooked meat. We carry free range chicken breast that is hormone and antibiotic-free. It comes in fresh and we have it in the refrigerator for 4-5 days then we freeze it and when it is gone we repeat the process all over again. We carry grass fed ground beef and rib eye steaks in the same fashion as well. We also carry lunch meats by Applegate farms including turkey, roast beef, uncured ham, and black forest ham. We carry a lot of different cuts of grass fed beef from North Georgia including rump roast, chuck roast, stir fry strips, cubed steak, and several more. We have kosher hot dogs made from beef and turkey as well. We stock turkey bacon and regular Sunday bacon as well. ​​

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Products We Offer 

Dairy Products 

In our dairy section, we carry products for all walks of life.  We have hormone and antibiotic free cow’s milk.  We stock almond milk, hazelnut milk, oat milk, and powdered goat’s milk.  We carry different types of cheeses including vegan choices made from soy and rice. We also supply a few cheeses that are casein free. We have almond cheeses and goat cheese as well.  And we have the standard cheddar, provolone, havarti, and baby Swiss cheese to finish it up. We carry several different types of yogurt. We have goat yogurt in both plain and flavors.  We carry Greek yogurt in the traditional form (with honey). We carry Wallaby and Nancy’s quality cow’s milk yogurt.  We carry other Nancy’s quality dairy products including sour cream and cottage cheese.  We also carry whipped cream in both Rice and Soy milk.